Jared Leto to play ULTRADEMON in Lionsgate Biopic

Word has leaked that actor Jared Leto of Requiem For a Dream and 30 SECONDS TO MARS fame will don the turqoise locks next year and portray DJ/electronic producer ULTRADEMON (Albert Redwine), the father of Seapunk, in an upcoming biopic about the musician, to be produced by Lionsgate Films. Studio founder and R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe, who will neither confirm nor deny the reports, said he thought “Redwine’s story is one that needs to be told,” adding that “Leto is a dead ringer for the DJ and definitely has the acting chops to handle such a complex role.”

Details are murky at best. What we do know is that while Leto is definitely attached to the film, and Richard Kelly is set to write and direct, it is unclear what kind of role Redwine’s girlfriend and Seapunk cohort ZOMBELLE (Shan Beaste) will have. There’s no official word on who the producers plan on casting to play her. “We all really loved what Sasha Grey did on Entourage,” said Kelly, who experienced cult-like success with his first film, Donnie Darko, which he also wrote and directed. “We’re really still in the developmental stages with this picture,” said Kelly, “and the script needs to be ironed out, but getting Jared was the hard part. Now that that’s done, we’re full speed ahead.”

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